Miss and Mrs Rwanda

Submitted by Terry on Wed, 09/19/2018 - 08:49
Winners and Runner Ups

President Lester attended the Miss & Mr Rwanda Contest on Saturday night. It was a great event with hundreds of enthusiastic South Africans who were most impressed by the Mabutswapele. The Hon Cameron Dick MP addressed all present and gave our club and Rotary wonderful praise for the charitable work done by all members.

About Mabutswapele Cultural Group
All the way from Botswana, Southern Africa, MABUTSWAPELE Cultural Group is one of Africa's celebrated traditional performers. This popular group is well travelled and has featured in International Festivals across Africa, Europe and Australia. They have performed at Many Events, including at Queensland’s Schools Cultural Exchange and Refugee Week activities held at Queensland Street Mall, Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre, Reddacliff place in Brisbane City and Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 Arena with the support of Brisbane City Council, Multicultural Development Australia (MDA), and Queensland African Communities Council.

Apart from their highly choreographed singing and dance, the group’s unique costumes and traditional instruments such as the use of African wood drums, whistles and rattles and the blend of all this, creates a truly spectacular sight and sound that has continued to captivate their audience at corporate, musical shows and traditional festivals across the globe.

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Miss & Mr Rwanda Winners & Runner Ups